Special Session on
Industrial Applications of Data Mining: New Paradigms for New Challenges
Córdoba, Spain  
1 - 4 June 2010

held within IEA-AIE’2010, The Twenty Third International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems



Data Mining has been successfully applied in many different industrial applications. In fact, the very existence and goal of data mining is to be successful in these applications, in terms of results and implementation costs. Some industrial applications, however, are still problematic for a proper use of data mining. In these applications, off-the-shelf techniques, methodologies and suites are not suitable, because they are not capable to analyse the type or volume of data, there are huge human resources involved because a lack of automation, or simply because traditional techniques give poor results. These data-mining hard nuts can only be cracked with new paradigms in the data mining field. The session invites papers which show how these difficult problems can be solved with new and innovative approaches, ideas taken from other fields, or changes in the methodology.

We encourage submissions that describe the application of data mining (also including machine learning and statistical modelling) methods to real-world problems. We will particularly appreciate exploratory research that describes novel applications requiring non-standard techniques in industrial, commercial or scientific domains.
The topics of the papers can include but are not limited to the following topics: 

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