LMCE 2014 Accepted Papers

Regular Papers

Cost-Sensitive Measures of Instance Hardness

- Ricardo Prudencio
- Carlos Castor

Subset based Hilbert space projections for transfer learning

- Christian Pölitz

A L2-Norm Regularized Pseudo-Code for Change Analysis in Satellite Image Time Series

- Anamaria Radoi
- Mihai Datcu

Multi-System Identification for Efficient Knowledge Transfer with Factored Tensor Recurrent Neural Networks

- Sigurd Spieckermann
- Siegmund Düll
- Steffen Udluft
- Thomas Runkler

Context Modulation of Sensor Data Applied to Activity Recognition in Smart Homes

- Niall Twomey
- Peter Flach

Predictive models for multidimensional data when the resolution context changes

- José Hernández-Orallo
- Nicolas Lachiche
- Adolfo Martinez-Uso

Patterns of Dataset Shift

- Meelis Kull
- Peter Flach

Dataset Shift in a Real-Life Dataset

- Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed
- Nicolas Lachiche
- Clément Charnay
- Agnčs Braud

SymReg-MT: Iterative Multi-task Feature Learning Through Weighted Symbolic Regression

- Michael Zwick
- Holger Schöner
- Ehsan Rezaie

Sequential Decision-Making under Non-stationary Environments via Sequential Change-point Detection

- Emmanuel Hadoux
- Aurélie Beynier
- Paul Wengr

Identifying dominant models when the noise context is known

- Cesar Ferri
- Jose Hernandez-Orallo
- Adolfo Martínez-Usó
- M.Jose Ramírez-Quintana

A meta-learning system for multi-instance classification

- Gitte Vanwinckelen
- Hendrik Blockeel

Classification in context: Adapting to changes in class and cost distribution

- Peter Flach

Work in Progress Papers

Efficient Graph Classification in Shifted Datasets Using Weighted Correlated Feature Selection

- Md. Samiullah
- Chowdhury Farhan Ahmed
- Anna Fariha
- Akiz Uddin Ahmed

Multi-label Classification: A Comparative Study on Threshold Selection Methods

- Reem Al-Otaibi
- Peter Flach
- Meelis Kull

ROCsearch in a Wider Context - A ROC-Guided Search Strategy for Subgroup Discovery and Beyond

- Wouter Duivesteijn
- Marvin Meeng
- Arno Knobbe